Design Highlight

The Geometric Standards and the Specifications are mostly based on the standards of IRC & MOST

Maximum Design Speed : 65 Kmph

Minimum Sight Distance : 90 meter

Seismic Force : Seismic Force as per IRC:6-2000 for Zone-III has been considered

Foundation Details of Main Bridge: Diameter of River Well – 11 meter
: Maximum Depth of Well – 55 meter from Bed Level
: Type of the Pier – 800mm thick Hollow Section

Main Bridge : 880 meter Long Single –Plane Multi-Span Extradosed Cable supported Bridge of 29 meter width, Depth 3.2 meter and Length 3.37 meter Segment for 6-Lane Carriageway weighing maximum 160 MT ( approx.)

Upper Pylon : 8 numbers 14meter High RCC column of 4100 x2000mm section designed as Compression member

Stay Cables : Number of Stay Cables in each Pylon -8 with 63 to 73 Strands 15 dia in each Stay Cable

Expansion Joint: 110 meter centre to centre Modular Type with Steel Beam at Mid Span expansion joint location with Strip Seals.

News & events

Extract of Annual Return

Extract of Annual Return

08th Sep 2020

Notice of 19th Adjourned AGM 2019-20

Notice of 19th Adjourned AGM 2019-20

14th Sep 2020

Extract of Annual Return

Extract of Annual Return

21st Jun 2019

12th Anniversary

SVBTC family on its 12th Anniversary

04th Jul 2019

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