Design Highlight

The Geometric Standards and the Specifications are mostly based on the standards of IRC & MOST

Maximum Design Speed : 65 Kmph

Minimum Sight Distance : 90 meter

Seismic Force : Seismic Force as per IRC:6-2000 for Zone-III has been considered

Foundation Details of Main Bridge: Diameter of River Well – 11 meter
: Maximum Depth of Well – 55 meter from Bed Level
: Type of the Pier – 800mm thick Hollow Section

Main Bridge : 880 meter Long Single –Plane Multi-Span Extradosed Cable supported Bridge of 29 meter width, Depth 3.2 meter and Length 3.37 meter Segment for 6-Lane Carriageway weighing maximum 160 MT ( approx.)

Upper Pylon : 8 numbers 14meter High RCC column of 4100 x2000mm section designed as Compression member

Stay Cables : Number of Stay Cables in each Pylon -8 with 63 to 73 Strands 15 dia in each Stay Cable

Expansion Joint: 110 meter centre to centre Modular Type with Steel Beam at Mid Span expansion joint location with Strip Seals.

News & events

Extract of Annual Return

Extract of Annual Return

21st Jun 2019

12th Anniversary

SVBTC family on its 12th Anniversary

04th Jul 2019

Performance Award from November 2018 onwards

Recognition of outstanding employee

15th Jul 2019

National Flag hoisting on 72nd Independence Day-2018

National Flag hoisting -72nd Independence Day

17th Aug 2018

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